Here are the top ten things to know about our church:


Stonebridge Bible Church began as an evening Bible study taught by Dr. Michael Easley and captured for his inContext podcast.  His “verse-by-verse” exposition of God’s Word was so popular, the study grew into a new, active, non-denominational Bible church.


Sunday mornings feature a family service with children worshipping alongside their parents and friends. We even incorporate a special kids’ message every week.


One of the best parts of Stonebridge are our small groups… where couples/families/individuals fellowship together, study the Bible, make new friends, minister to and pray for one another as well as serve our communities.


We are centered on a solid doctrine of core beliefs straight from the Word of God. Every declaration in our Statement of Faith is grounded in a verse in the Bible.


The children’s curriculum is specifically tailored to study the same topics on which Michael preaches each Sunday morning. That’s intended to facilitate great family discussions over lunch, dinner, on the ride home from church, or whenever.


Our worship places a premium on mature, Godly worship leadership, humble musicianship, theologically sound songs and vibrant creativity… all in a simple, outward community expression of faith.


We are building a core group of believers who are committed to worship, pray, serve, give and share the gospel with others.


We live stream our services… so, if you’re traveling, home sick or simply feel more comfortable one Sunday morning worshiping in your PJ’s, just click on an easy-to-find link – like this one — on our website. And believe it or not, we actually have a worldwide audience!


Right now, we meet on Sundays in temporary space in the Ramsey Solutions Conference Center, but we are praying and saving to establish a home of our own in the not-too-distance future.


We have saved a spot here just for you and your family. Come join us!