Got questions about Stonebridge?

We’ve got answers.


Where do you hold services?

    Our current location is at the Brentwood South office complex at 7104 Crossroads Blvd, Suite #105 Brentwood, TN.

    Our Sunday services are at 9 am and 10:45 am.

      Is this your permanent location?

        No, this is a temporary location. When the Lord shows us a more permanent location, we will move to His will.

          Do you live stream your worship service?

            Yes! Live stream services are available via this link.

              Does your church have safety procedures that it follows?

                We are committed to providing those who attend our services with a safe and secure environment in which to worship.

                  • All Stonebridge staff members and individuals who serve around our children undergo extensive background checks.
                  • We have strict check-in procedures in our children’s area.
                  • Additionally, each week, several of our members quietly serve in security functions during all services on our grounds.

                What is your process if I and/or my family wanted to become a member?

                  Here’s how the process works to become a member of Stonebridge:

                  Membership Class. We outline the primary doctrines that Stonebridge teaches in detail, so you are aware and can consider any questions those explanations might bring for you. We typically have one membership class every quarter. If you’d like to know the date of an upcoming  membership class, please reach out to info@stonebridgebible.org
                  Membership Application. We provide an informational application following the membership class that asks for your testimony and confirms that you agree with our doctrinal statements.
                  Membership Interview. We schedule a personal time for you and your spouse with an elder to answer questions, hear your testimonies, share the vision for the church, and discover your areas of interest for plugging into ministry. 

                  What is your process for:

                    The Lord’s Supper at Stonebridge is open to all believers and offered once a month during a Sunday service. We have stations at each corner of our worship hall where worshipers receive the elements and return to their seats, where we then observe the Lord’s Supper together as a congregation. 

                    Baptism is observed as often as possible as a public statement of one’s newfound faith in Christ. To us, it is best represented by immersion in water. If you’re interesting in being baptized, here’s a link to our Baptism page where you can fill out a form to discuss this further.

                    Offering is received whenever givers wish to give. We do not pass a plate during a service. Rather, a basket is available at the Welcome Center for worshipers to drop off their gifts. Alternatively, worshipers can go to the “Give” tab on our website at any time, day or night, and give. We are a 501(c)3 ministry. 

                      How can I receive regular email information about Stonebridge?

                        Ever week, we send out communication to the church via email to keep everyone informed on the latest events and important updates. To join this email list, click here to sign up!

                        How can I help you and your church?

                          Come. Give. Grow. Pray. Share Christ with others. Make disciples.

                          For more information on specific volunteering opportunities, click here.